CL75 : Cable Sender



Video Sender with Cable Tuner



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- View cable TV in any other room in the house, with no wires.
- Full bandwidth HiFi stereo.
- Simple to use - just plug it in and switch it on.
- High quality broadband FM modulation.
- Remote control to select channels included.

Controls & indicators
  • 3 Phono IN sockets for audio left/right and video.
  • 3 Phono OUT sockets for audio left/right and video.
  • UHF socket
  • Four position channel selector switch
  • ON / OFF switch


AC supply: 220 VAC/50 Hz
Approvals: CE Mark, ETS 300220,
ETS 300440
Channels: 4


RF output: 50,000 µV/m @ 3m
Modulation method: FM (Video & Audio)
Video input level: 1 v p-p (typ)
Audio input level: 1 v p-p (typ)
Video input impedance: 75 ohms
Audio input impedance: 600 ohms
RF input: 433.92MHz
Operating range: 100 m open field


Video output level: 1 v p-p (typ)
Audio output level: 1 v p-p (typ)
RF output: 433,92 MHz
1 mW typical @ 3m


Many people want to put a TV into the kitchen or the antic room where there isnt an antenna outlet. In the past this meant installing a coaxial cable from the nearest outlet - invariably a long distance, or difficult to install or with a resulting poor picture. One solution is to use a standard Video sender connected to your main TV. However, the standard Video sender only transmits the same channel as the main TV. If two people wish to watch different programmes, then the standard Video sender isnt your solution. You want the Video sender with Cable tuner.

With X10's Video sender with Cable tuner, the extra TV can be tuned to any programme independent of the programme watched by the main TV. This is made easy by the remote control supplied with the kit.

In addition the standard features of the Video sender are also available; as follows;

  • The transmitter unit takes audio and video signals from the satellite set top box, video disc player, DVD, or VCR and converts them to RF.

  • A receiver unit in another room converts the signals back to their original format for connection to a TV.


  • 2.4GHz transmitter unit with integrated cable tuner & 433MHz receiver
  • 2.4GHz receiver unit with 433 MHz transmitter
  • Remote control for setting-up the cable tuner and selecting programmes
  • 2 cables with RCA-SCART plugs
  • IR extender cable with 3 IR eyes


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