DS10 : Tür / Fenstersensor, 433,92MHz, mit Summer


Door / Window Sensor

- Door and Window Contact -


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Product number : DS10



  • Supervised door / window sensor ( sends a self checking signal every 90 minutes).

  • Uses full 16 bit Code for RF transmission.

  • Battery operated with low battery detection.




    Batteries: 2 x AAA

    Operating life: 2 years using alkaline batteries

    RF frequency: 418 or 433.92 MHz

    Radiated output: < 5833 µV/m @ 3m

    RF operating range: 30 m (open field)

    Code for RF transmission: 16 bit (65536 different codes)

    Approvals: MPT1340 or ETS 300220 - CE Mark

    Ambient temperature:- 10° C to + 50° C (operation)- 20° C to + 70° C (storage)

    Dimensions: 54 x 83 x 22 mm (width x height x depth)



    The DS10 door/window sensor works with any X-10 security system. This sensor sends a wireless radio frequency signal to the main console when a door or window is opened.

    When the system is not armed, the console chimes when a door or window is opened. When the system is armed, the alarm is tripped when a door or window is opened. A delay switch on the front of the door/window sensor lets you select if an alarm is tripped immediately, when the door or window is opened, or after a preset entry delay when the system is armed in delay mode.

    The sensor sends a "self-checking" transmission approximately every 90 minutes. The console will not arm if a door/window sensor hasn't reported in or if a door or window is opened (can be overdriven by pressing the console's Accept Button).

    You can protect more than one door or window from a single sensor by installing additional magnetic switches. Simply loop the switches in series from one door or window to the next (using any suitable wire).

    This sensor can also be used as a universal transmitter: instead of the magnetic switch, connect to the two screw terminal any kind of detector you want as glass break detector, smoke detector, etc.


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