MS10 : Funk Bewegungsmelder 433,92MHz


Motion Detector

Passive infrared motion sensor


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Product number : MS10



  • Supervised motion detector ( sends a self checking signal every 90 minutes).

  • Two-way sensitivity adjustment.

  • Uses full 16 bit Code for RF transmission.

  • Battery operated with low battery detection.



    Batteries: 4 x AAA

    Operating life: 1 year using alkaline batteries

    RF frequency: 418 or 433.92 MHz

    Radiated output: < 5833 µV/m @ 3m

    RF operating range: 30 m (open field)

    Code for RF transmission: 16 bit (65536 different codes)

    Approvals: MPT1340 or ETS 300220 - CE Mark

    Ambient temperature:- 10°C to + 30° C (operation) - 20°C to + 70° C (storage)

    Size: 75 x 120 x 42 mm (width x height x depth)


    The MS10 indoor motion detector works with any X-10 security system to protect areas with more than one entry point as hallways, stairways, etc.

    Sophisticated dual element Passive Infrared (PIR) technology combined with two-way sensitivity adjustment ensures that the MS10 motion detector will catch the smartest intruder - but won't be fooled by small pets. It can "see" up 12 meters with a 90 degree field of view. It can be placed up to about 30 meters from the console.

    The motion detectors are supervised so the system will let you know if a battery is low.

    A switch on the back of the motion detector lets you adjust the sensitivity: set the switch to 1 to trip the alarm if any movement is detected (most sensitive), set the switch to 2 to trip the alarm only if two successive movements are detected or continuous movement is detected in a short time (less sensitive to pets).

    The motion detector includes a special test mode which lets you test its range and sensitivity.

    A combination of up to 16 motion detectors and/or door/window sensors can be installed on a console.


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