MS8000 : HomeGuard, Alarmsystem mit Telefonwählgerät, 433,92MHz



Mini-Motion Security System


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Product number : SC14



  • Built-in 180° PIR sensor with 6 metre range

  • Arm/Disarm with keyfob (up to 4) and by PIN code

  • Alarm tripped by PIR or panic on the keyfob.

  • Built-intelephone dialler to call up to 3 numbers.

  • Wall mounted or desktop.




230V 50Hz power supply

9V PP3 back up battery -12 hours stand-by time

Internal 95 dB siren

Built-in 180° PIR sensor with 6 metre range.

Monitors up to 4 keyfob.

Built in telephone dialler (up to 3 numbers-16 digits)).

433.92 MHz operating frequency.

CE Mark

PTT approved dialer



All that you need to protect small apartments or studios. Simple to install and also discrete but attractive, the console integrates all the functions needed to make your apartment safe even when you are at home. Just press the panic button on the keyfob to call for help.

If a burglar tries to breakin, the telephone dialler will call bring help. When you have gone away, knowing that your home is being looked after 24 hours is real peace of mind.



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