Robocam :

Increase the coverage of your Xcam 2 !




•motorised camera, with 240 ° angle cover

•can be moved remotely with an X10 remote

•sweeps" between the 4 programed positions

•expendable system to 4 Robocams


•Camera : single chip CMOS

•1/3" format with 307k active pixels

•Composite video (NTSC or PALon factory be set)

•On chip auto exposure

•Automatic gain control

•Auto white balance

•2 Power supplies

•1 cable (RCA / SCART)

•Moulding in plastic, splash proof to IP53

•Approvals : ETS 300 440

                       ETS 300 220

                                     ETS 300 683


With the Xcam2, it is already possible to transfer pictures and sound to a TV set or a monitor, with high quality resolution, even through walls and ceilings. The Robocam increases the coverage of your Xcam 2 to its maximum : it moves from left to right, up to down, in order to cover a 240°angle

With the remote control (included) the user can remotely move the position of the camera to monitor whatever he wants, and he can store up to 4 key positions, ideal when he is away.

This system is expandable : the Remote lets you control up to 4 Robocams or scan each of them so as to display the image from each camera in turn on your TV.

Now thanks to the Robocam, no place in your house can escape from X10’s watchful attention !




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