SC2700 - Hausautomation Netzleitstelle mit Alarmfunktionen und Telefonwählgerät


Maxi Controller


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Product number : SC15D


Enhanced convenience with:

- Remote control by telephone
- Centralized control from the built-in keypad

Enhanced security with:

- Remote ARM & DISARM by telephone
- Security status check by telephone
- 2 security messages - alarm and system fault

Enhanced ease of installation:

- Allocate detectors to your choice of zones
- PABX compatible telephone dialler
- Telephone numbers stored in E2

  • CE Mark

  • PTT approved dialer (CE standard)

  • 433.92 RF operating frequency.

  • 230V 50 Hz supply. 9 V PP3 back up battery -20 hours stand-by time (Lithium)

  • Integral 95 dB siren

  • Monitors up to 16 sensors (door/window, motion detector and/or glass break sensors) plus 8 remotes

  • 4 Telephone numbers stored in E2, 16 digits each.

  • Key pad control for 16 zones or macros

  • Dimensions: L180-W128-H52


The Maxi-Controller is the first affordable home automation controller combining the essential functions of home automation

* fully supervised 16 zone security system that gives you the power to protect your home whether you are at home or away complete with built-in "prevention features" that make a house look lived-in and alarm dial-out in the event of an alarm.

* centralized control always ensures you know the status of your home. (This feature can be coupled with the X10 ActiveHome to provide macro status control.)

* remote control from anywhere in the world with the capability to know the status of your security system or to arm it or disarm it for letting in your friends or cleaning lady. (No need to give away your PIN code)

* upgradeablitiy to control 16 macros or zones with any number of appliances.

The Maxi-Controller is the best way to start enjoying the benefits from home automation without any risk that your system will not grow with your growing needs nor any risk that your system will become out of date. X10 home automation is upgradeable with built-in compatibility. Products installed 20 years ago still function with our latest equipment.


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