SL65 : Speakerlink - Drahtloser Audiosender. Empfänger mit Verstärker



"Speaker Link" 2.4 GHz Video Senders

with remote control (433 MHz) and integrated amplifier



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  • use any of your "old" passive speaker around the house to listen to your latest music downloads

  • Universal R/F remote RF - controls your PC and other TV /Audio equipment

  • make your PC into the entertainment center of your house


AC supply: 220V50 Hz plug in adaptors

Approvals: ETS 300220, ETS 300440 ETS300683

Channels of transmission: 4


Frequency:2.4 - 2.485GHz
RF output: 50,000 µV/m @ 3m Modulation method:
FM (Video & Audio)
Audio input level: 1 v p-p (typ) Audio input impedance: 600 ohms
RFinput: 433.92MHz
Operating range : up to 100 m open field


Power amplifier: 6.5W RMS
Minimum Power Speaker: 10W
Speaker impedance: 4-8 Ohm

Remote control

Transmission: Infrared and Radio
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Batteries: 4AAA



The Wireless Speaker Driver kit consists of a Sender base unit which connects to the audio out jack on any audio source, a Receiver unit with built-in speaker driver to which you connect your own speakers, and a remote control that lets you control the volume, balance, bass, treble, etc. The Speaker Link converts the audio signal from your PC sound card into a 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF) signal and transmits it (even through walls) to the Receiver unit. The Audio Receiver converts the signal back to its original form, amplifies the signal, and passes it to your connected speakers.

 Place the receiver and speakers on your terrace for example, and listen to high quality audio outside while you're having a barbecue. The remote controls your MP3, DVD, and CD driver in your PC in conjunction with an RF receiver (Model MR26E) and X10’s Boom 2000 software. The remote is also a Universal Remote so it can also control your TV, VCR etc. It also includes a learning function, which is very useful, because of the numerous audio codes available on the market.


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