TRIPOD : Tischstativ für XCAM2 Kamera


Xcam 2 with Tripod





• See without extra wires

• Colour camera for best images

• Simple wall-mount camera

• Built-in microphone

• Anti-vibration, Anti -skid soft rubber tripod


Camera : single chip CMOS

1/3" format with 307k active pixels

Composite video (NTSC or PAL on factory preset)

On chip auto exposure

Automatic gain control

Auto white balance

Anti-vibration/skid rubber tip tripod

Moulding in plastic, splash proof

1 Power supply

Approvals : ETS 300 440

ETS 300 683


1 Power supply

1 cable (RCA / SCART)



The X-10 wireless camera uses the latest camera technology to bring you high quality colour pictures at a reasonable price.

The Tripod allows you to capture perfect, steady images with your camera at almost any angle. It is easy to install - simply screw the Xcam 2 on to the Tripod. Camera can be tilted to 90° degrees and rotates a full 360° degrees. The images are sent direct to your video receiver which is plugged into your TV.

The ingenious fold-up design provides easy storage.

Now your Xcam views & pictures are perfect all the time at every angle. No more balancing acts and the need to reposition your camera or the need to find a place to install.

Not only do you get "peace of mind" with X Cam2 but also fun. Think of the opportunities the next time you have a party. Your friends will either love you or hate you.



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