Two-Way PLC Interface



230 VAC - 50 Hz


Product number: XM10




    Designed for OEMs where the controller manufacturer implements their applications using X-10 PLC control





Supply voltage: 230 V +10% -15% 50 Hz

Ambient temperature: - 10° C to + 40° C (operation) - 20° C to + 70° C (storage)

DC Characteristics:

Serial data input:

Min. logic "1": 4 V input will sink approx 2,5 mA

Max. logic "1": 20 V input will sink approx 18 mA

Max. logic "0": 0.8 V will sink approx 0,1 mA

(Voltages and currents with respect to terminal 2)

Note: this output is an open collector transistor. Therefore, the logic "1" voltage is quoted as a reference for defining the output leakage current. An output pullup resistor is required to generate a logic level. The pullup can be returned to any voltage up to 20 V with respect to terminal 2.

AC characteristics:

HF output to AC power line: 60 mW average into 5 W

Conforms to Class 116 of EN50065-1: load (2,5 V pk-pk instant.)

Carrier frequency: 120 kHz ± 2 kHz

Max. phase delay betwen 0 crossing point of AC power line and 0 crossing detect output (either transition): 100 msec

Max. allowable delay betwen transitions on 0 crossing detect output and serial data input "0" - "1" transition: 50 msec

Max. delay betwen serial input envelope "0" - "1" transition and carrier burst reaching 90 %: 50 msec

Width of X-10 enveloppe : 1 ms +100 msec -50msec

Isolation voltage : 4 kV rms 50Hz for 1 min.

Approvals: CE Mark



    The Two-way PLC Interface (TW7223E) has been designed for controller manufacturers to implement X-10 PLC control.

    The functionality of the PLC control is decided by the manufacturer and implemented in the controller panel.

    The document " X-10 protocol for OEM controller" defines the interface protocol that a manufacturer will need for implementing X-10 control.

    With a control panel which has been designed to interface with X-10 PLC, the installation is simple. Just connect the flying lead to the 230V power supply, connect the telephone cable to both the RJ11 socket on the XM10 and the control panel with the cable provided.

    There is a red LED lamp on the TW7223 which is ON to indicate power. It will flash when X-10 signals are being received or transmitted.


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